Joining GitLab Core

A couple of days ago I was offered the opportunity to join the GitLab Core Team as a volunteer, which consists of some of the employees who develop GitLab and volunteers.

Since 2012 I’ve been an avid GitLab user, and for a couple of years and some, I’ve been supporting users in GitLab IRC channel on freenode, #gitlab.

Really the cool thing about this is I’ve had the opportunity to contribute, even if it’s small.

In 2012 I was also learning rails, and moving away from mercurial to git. I wanted to find something better than gitweb, and had been using hgweb up until this point. Sometime into this hunt a friend ran into GitLab and I was instantly in love. While I used GitHub for anything I would consider open source, I wanted to host my private repositories myself and this interface blew away anything available (around version 2.x).

Even greater to me, GitLab was a rails application. Since I was learning rails at the time it turned out to be a great codebase to learn from. I knew a little bit then, but after a lot of time debugging my own install issues, and helping others I started to familiarize myself with the codebase and would often reference the code to get a better understanding of structure and design patterns when working on my own applications.

It’s been a few years now. GitLab has since grown into a YC backed company, with a great staff and large list of contributors with an amazing product.

There’s a little irony being as much as I’ve been helping GitLab users I’ve hardly contributed any code, so I hope to make a little more time to open a few merge requests in the future knocking out some issues.

All this said, I’m super happy to be able to interface with the rest of the core team.